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At Centinel Bank, we feel that investing in education and youth is the key to building a strong community. Through several different initiatives at Centinel Bank, we focus on promoting and supporting education and youth development in Taos County. Our objective with our financial education efforts is to provide tools and resources that help parents, teachers and community members build upon their financial knowledge and prepare children with the same financial knowledge that they will need to succeed in life.

Community Workshops & Presentations

As active community members, we are happy to conduct workshops, presentations, or one-on-one meetings in the community on financial literacy related topics. We invite community organizations and individuals to contact us, if you interested in having us lead such a session or workshop.

Financial Education Tools & Resources

Centinel Bank of Taos Resources

Other Resources

Financial Literacy and Education Commission

“ is the U.S. government's website dedicated to teaching all Americans the basics about financial education. Whether you are buying a home, balancing your checkbook, or investing in your 401(k), the resources on can help you maximize your financial decisions. Throughout the site, you will find important information from 20 Federal agencies and Bureaus designed to help you make smart financial choices.

This site organizes financial education help from over 20 different Federal web sites in one place. Content is organized by where you are in life ("Life Events"), who you are ("My Resources"), and by specific hands-on tools ("Tools"). Popular Topics are also highlighted. This site provides summaries of resources available at other official government sites and allows you to open those pages in a new window ("Learn More").”

The Actuarial Foundation

The Actuarial Foundation has released to U.S. high school and college teachers Building Your Future, an engaging and relevant financial literacy curriculum, to help teens master the foundational elements of personal finance and to prepare for life on their own.

American Financial Services Association Education Foundation

Financial Literacy Resources & MoneySKILL Course

“MoneySKILL is a free online reality based personal finance course for young adults developed by the AFSA Education Foundation. This interactive curriculum is aimed at the millions of high school and college students who graduate each year without a basic understanding of money management fundamentals.”

Council for Economic Education

Economics & Personal Finance Resources for K-12

“EconEdLink is the leading source of online economic & personal finance lessons & resources for educators, students and afterschool providers. Website offers internet-based economic lesson materials for K-12 teachers and their students. With over 671 lessons to choose from, teachers can use as many of the lessons as they would like and as often as they would like.”

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Money Smart LogoMoney Smart is a free ten week, self-paced online course which includes: basic banking knowledge, borrowing, checking, and savings, budgeting, keeping your money safe, building and protecting your credit, and owning a home. Anyone can order the program on-line directly from the FDIC in the form of a CD-Rom.

Federal Reserve Education

The Federal Reserve Eduation website offers different publications, teaching resources, games, helpful links, and more!

Jumpstart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy

Jump$tart is a national coalition of organizations dedicated to improving the financial literacy of pre-kindergarten through college-age youth by providing advocacy, research, standards and educational resources. Jump$tart strives to prepare youth for life-long successful financial decision-making.   Their website offers great resources for kids, adults, parents, and teachers:

Practical Money Skills

PBS Kids GO! It’s My Life

Kids and Teen website that includes articles, tips, and games about money- how to earn, why to save, and more!

US Mint

“H.I.P. Pocket Change is all about fun and information, especially coin information.” The website has games, activites, history, news, animations, and more that make learning about coins fun!

Linked Sites Disclaimer:  As a convenience to our customers, Centinel Bank provides this list of helpful websites to third-party organizations that provide tools and resources on financial education to children, adults, teachers, parents, and more. While Centinel Bank has taken reasonable measures to ensure that the information linked from this site are complete, correct, and up to date, Centinel Bank does not guarantee that it is free from errors or omissions or that the information contained on the site is suitable for your intended use. Permission to these linked websites have been granted to Centinel Bank, however the websites are not under control by Centinel Bank and Centinel Bank is not responsible for any content on any linked site. Website links are provided as a convenience and accessing third-party sites from the Centinel Bank website should be done at one’s own risk. Use and access of this site implies your acknowledgement and acceptance of this Disclaimer.