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Community Investment

Invest in our Community.

Presidential Award - Nettie Benjamin 

Eliu. E. Romero Entrepreneur Award - Helen Henry 

Treasure of Taos Award - Aricela Chavez & Corrina Harrower 

Centinel Bank Award - Maye Montoya, Dawson Breen, Matthew Sanchez & Autyana Concha-Ortiz 

VoTech Award - Santiago Tafoya 

Centinel Bank Scholarships

Centinel Bank Scholarship Awards are typically granted to several, high school, senior students in Taos County each year. Our recipients are selected based on academic achievement, community involvement, and commitment to excellence. All graduating seniors in Taos County are encouraged to apply for a Centinel Bank scholarship.

As firm believers in giving back to our community and investing in youth, we started our Scholarship Program in the mid-1980s. Since then, the program has grown significantly and demonstrated our belief that investing in our youth is investing in the future of our communities.

Our Presidential Award was created in honor of Angel Reyes who became our Bank President in 2003, has an extraordinary commitment to excellence and is a remarkable model of leadership at Centinel Bank and in our community. The Presidential Scholarship is a four-year award of up to $20,000.

The Eliu E. Romero Entrepreneur Award is given in acknowledgement of our founder who demonstrated incredible perseverance and determination to start Centinel Bank. This award is a four-year award of up to $4,000.

The Treasure of Taos award is given to a student who has gone above and beyond in their pursuit of excellence, not just in academics, but in commitment to our community. This is a scholarship of up to $4,000.

Multiple Centinel Bank of Taos Awards of different amounts are granted to students each year.

This award began in 2018 to honor and support students attending higher education through vocational and/or technical training.

UNM-Taos awards are scholarships given to students who choose to attend UNM-Taos and leverage the educational degree or certificate programs offered close to home.
Banking with Centinel Bank is an Investment in Taos County!

Through economic development, volunteer time, and financial support of community organizations, Centinel Bank is committed to making our Taos County community the best place to live and work.
Join us in giving time, talent, or dollars to some of our incredible community programs. Some of the many community programs that we support include:
  • Bridges Project for Education
  • Community Against Violence
  • Holy Cross Cancer Support Services
  • Rocky Mountain Youth Corps
  • Taos County Chamber of Commerce
  • Taos MainStreet Project
  • Taos Entrepreneurial Network
  • Enchanted Circle Community Organizations Active in Disaster (EC-COAD)
  • Millicent Rogers Musuem
  • The Couse Foundation
  • Taos Mountain Balloon Rally
  • Twirl
  • Local Schools and School Programs
If you would like to request support from Centinel Bank for your organization or upcoming event, please complete and submit our Community Support Request Form.
Centinel Bank is an Alliance Member of the FDIC's Money Smart Financial Education program. We work with all populations of our community by providing the FDIC Money Smart curriculum, teaching the curriculum, and/or training others to teach it.
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