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Mastercard® Credit Card

Mastercard® Credit Card

Card Features:
  • Fixed low APR
  • No annual fees
  • Cash Advances available at any Financial Institution or through an ATM by entering your PIN
  • Balance transfers available


 The Centinel Bank Mastercard® Credit Card allows you to make purchases anywhere you see a Mastercard® logo.

To apply for a Centinel Bank Mastercard® Credit Card, please complete our Mastercard® Application and contact us to send us your secure file. In evaluating your request, a financial statement or tax returns may be requested.

To view your Mastercard® activity online, visit:

Use your Centinel Bank Mastercard® for everyday life- Purchase groceries, pay for an oil change, even buy that last minute gift for a friend or loved one.

Each time you use use your card you'll earn Bonus Points. One Bonus Point will be earned for each dollar spent on net retail purchases. These Bonus Points can be redeemed for brand-name merchandise and exciting travel rewards. To redeem your bonus points visit or Contact Us  with questions.

Do you know the difference between a debit and a credit card?

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