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Business MasterCard

Centinel Bank Mastercard® offers first class purchasing power and a low interest rate. Leverage the strength of your business assets and consolidate bills, all with your Business Mastercard®. Earn points for your everyday business expenses and reap the rewards for what you already spend. Our team stands ready to assist with your billing questions, card replacement, evaluate credit limit increases as your business grows or if an emergency arises. Centinel Bank can also issue your business multiple cards for each employee you request to assist in consolidating your businesses’ expenses and monthly statements.

The Centinel Bank Mastercard® allows you to make purchases anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. You can receive cash advances from any financial institution when the need arises. Plus, you can use it at any ATM for cash withdrawals. The Centinel Bank Mastercard® offers a competitive APR with no Annual Fees. Balances are paid in full each month.

Earn bonuThe more money you spend the more Bonus Points you will earn. One Bonus Point will be earned for each dollar spent on net retail purchases. They can be redeemed for brand-name merchandise and exciting travel rewards. To redeem your bonus points Contact Us or order online at

If you are someone who enjoys shopping on-line, there is an extra added security feature you can register for. Mastercard® Secure Code is an innovative service, offering secure Internet shopping, using your preferred form of Internet payment – your Centinel Bank Mastercard®. Mastercard® Secure Code lets you add a personal Secure Code™ to your existing card, getting added security and the reassurance that only you can use your card online. Registration is quick and easy, and there are thousands of merchants who provide you this safe way of shopping. Click here to register.